What We Aim For

Over the course of ten months, SRFC brought together community members across age, race, class, and culture to explore how best to foster resiliency for children and families in Suburban Ramsey County. This extensive, collaborative planning process led to a core set of resiliency concepts:

  • Disrupt racism through authentic community engagement and relationship: SRFC has dedicated itself to continual, inclusive engagement and dialogue that will disrupt racism. Working through a process called Intentional Social Engagement, developed by Marnita’s Table, SRFC systematically breaks down relationship gaps by creating free, safe spaces to inspire communication, community building, and cultural exchange, with one intended outcome of SRFC being to reduce the number of persons of color in the criminal justice system.

  • Implement Practice-Based Evidence: SRFC advocates that systems must adopt a bottom up approach, with a focus on meeting basic human needs first.  SRFC will adopt promising, practice-based programs that meet the community’s articulated priorities in the areas of food access, transportation, public spaces and education.
  • Support a Sustainable Framework: The SRFC resiliency plan identifies that sustainable ecosystems are indistinguishable from a comprehensive view of resiliency. Collaborators identified the need to work toward environmental accounting and accountability.