What We Aim For

In the THP community, health and well-being is advanced through a combination of self-care/self-awareness, traditional indigenous healing practices and cross-cultural wisdom, and relationships with others.


The focus of THP’s community work, facilitated by Selma Sroka and Kimberly Hart, who have been instructed in the arts of Curanderismo by Rita Perez and Tonita Gonzales, consists of:

  1. training community members in healing practices so that they can share their learnings and practices in their homes and other points in community; and
  2. working with conventional medical providers to incorporate aspects of THP into their own clinical practices and self-care.


Additional positive outcomes of this work include:

  • Providing individuals with time and space to connect with others on a deeper level, thereby facilitating the building of community.
  • Providing tools and practices for health and wellbeing that are tangible, accessible, and affordable for all people, no matter their income or status.
  • Giving those trained in THP an increased ability to heal themselves with the support of others and find their own path to health and wellbeing.