Who's Involved

The alliance was born out of the shared educational experiences of Kim Hart NCBTMB, NGH, Minister and Selma Sroka, MD. As they continued on a mutual path, they spoke of a shared desire to have a local community that utilizes THP to enrich and their local community by offering ways to better health and resiliency. Prior to their shared experiences they walked their individual paths of learning and healing.

Selma and Kim met in 2000 through a common interest in a traditional healing approach with a teacher from Belize; they began teaching the Maya Abdominal Self-Care approach together and looked for other ways to work together. Over the past 16 years, Selma and Kim have had several traditional teachers in common, sharing travel and learning experiences. Since 2011 they have studied with Rita Navarrete-Perez, from the Otomi people of central Mexico. Rita gave them the mandate to start sharing what they had learned with the community where they live.